Monday, November 12, 2012

IPL Worlds: The Fruits of my Labors

First, here's my detailed write up on my training, dieting, and the meet over in

If you don't care to go over there and read that stuff here's the video of all my lifts.

I'm going to make this short and sweet. Kinda like me. My last meet was the Camp Pendleton Open back in January of 2012. I left there with a 1,113 total @146.6 pounds. This time around I somehow managed to cut to the exact same weight and totaled 1,196 pounds with the three lift total; adding in my 4th attempt deadlift and my total jumps to 1,211 pounds.

My best lifts were a 407 squat, a 275 bench, and a 529 deadlift. This ranks me on in their American Men's Lifter Rankings "Best of the Best 2007 to Present" in the following positions:

Squat- #31 tied with seven other lifters
Bench- Not even in the top 100. Gotta work on that.
Deadlift- #9 Very excited about this.
Total- My 1,196 ties me at #20, with the 1,211 (unofficial because of 4th attempts) I would be at #18.

The lifter rankings are all that matters anyways when it comes to measuring up against other lifters nationally.

I set two California state records in the deadlift and total. My 4th attempt deadlift was granted because it was for a go at the IPL World Record and I got it, breaking the old record of 523 pounds.

Now, I know that I didn't set any all time records and my performance doesn't come close to that of guys like Tony Conyers, Joe Morrow, or Brian Schwab, but I'm still very happy with the effort I put forward and the total I earned. Having only been lifting for four years and training for powerlifting specifically for about two I figure I've still got some time ahead of me to surpass what those greats have done in my sport.

I'm planning on beating them.

I'm going to be a legend in the sport of powerlifting. I'm going to be spoken of in the same vein as greats like Karwoski, Coan, Gant, and my personal favorite Kazmaier.

Victory or death.

Honor, valor, pride.


  1. Hey you want to go break records together forever?

    1. Actually, yes... very much so. I was talking to Justin and Jeremy this weekend and I'm thinking we should all train up for the same small town meet, something that's very under the radar, sign up for it and dominate the hell out of the damn thing.

      That would be beautiful. What do you think?

  2. only four years? I'm scared at the thought of the monster you will become

    1. Haha, yeah... well it's been a very training dense four years. Thank you.

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  4. Congratulations bro. That's really awesome, I knew your lifts were impressive but I didn't realize just how impressive. I am confident you will dominate if you continue doing what you've been doing.

  5. Congratulations!! You are an inspiration.

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