Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Update: Info bomb, GZCL Method PDF is out, Videos, and News!

So it has been a while since my last post (excluding the GZCL method post). Sorry about that, life has been kind of hectic since my return from Vegas about three weeks ago. A lot of time spent on the computer, unfortunately not on my blog. However, it wasn't all fruitless. Since that post I've been contacted by a dozen or so lifters interested in the method. Many of them asking for help applying it to their training, and even asking for my honest opinion of whether or not they should hold off until they got stronger doing something else- I advised that quite a few times.

Before I continue I would like to thank a few people for helping me out with the creation of the GZCL Method post. Users NoMediocrity, Ecnosihtgnisu, Tanglisha, and MinimumRom from r/Weightroom. If you helped me and I forgot to mention your name. I'm honestly sorry. Message me and I'll add it in. All of you deserve recognition... especially you NoMediocrity. You damn near wrote that whole post yourself man. 

I would also like to thank everyone who submitted a .pdf version of my post. Users SpiffySpaceman, Kinky_Boytoy, Charliednz (for graphics), and Sichernicht (For graphics). 

Now here is a link to the Amazon eBook. Warning, it's not formatted perfectly for eReaders as this was a later-on request. It'll still be available free on my blog. Special thank you to Sichernict for the awesome graphics and to SpiffySpaceman for creating that whole beast! 

Also, thank you to user Durable for creating an excel sheet, full of formulas like a witch's cauldron, using the example table I provided in the post. Now this doesn't mean you should ALWAYS use these sets, reps, and percentages- no, this is an example. This is something you COULD use, but it doesn't mean you cannot read my methods and create your own programming within the guidelines described. 

Make sure you bookmark, favorite, re-tweet, like, and prop all of that shit. Also if you come across any of the above users, upvote them. 

As for training. My next competition will be the USPA American Cup at the LA FitExpo on January 19th. For this meet I'll be competing in the "Classic Raw" division- meaning I've got to learn how to squat in knee wraps. I signed up for that division as a new challenge. I've never used wraps, why not? I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. Also, I've been thinking about something lately... I've already pulled 3x bodyweight sumo in two powerlifting meets. At IPL Worlds it was 3.6xBW. What if I pulled a 3xBW conventional deadlift at the American cup? That would be pretty cool I think. It would be a new challenge too. Would my total be lower... probably, but it's not like there won't be future meets for me to have a PR total. 

Maybe I'll go for the 3xBW conventional deadlift. That way I can say I've got both sumo and conventional pulls above that multiplier in competition. 

Here is a video of today's deadlift session. Kept the weights light and the reps high. Conditioning my body for what lies ahead- much greater intensities and a whole lot more volume in the 65-85+% range. Ouch. (But that's a good ouch.)

Also, I might be getting some press via the military news networks in the coming weeks. It's not very often a military member excels in athletics on the national level. Especially considering I'm not on an official team, not being coached, don't have special exceptions from work to train all day, and still have to perform to the standards for the fitness tests (running... ugh.) This is something I do on my time because I seriously enjoy being strong and trying to get stronger. Maybe I'll get official correspondence from the Commandant of the Marine Corps... that'd be cool. Not holding my breath. He's a busy man. 

I'll have a Member Spotlight posted in the coming week over at Fitocracy also! So that's pretty exciting.  Make sure you get over there to read that. also threw my video up on their page. Super stoked on that. 

If a real news paper writes anything up on me I'll clip it out and put it in my scrapbook. What scrapbook? Oh, don't worry about that thing... it's nothing. 

I've got nothing else really. I'll be posting videos more frequently. Trying to add in more training info to them. That might be voice overs or text notations. I know it was a long post, thanks for reading! 

Now go get strong. 

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