Monday, August 15, 2022

North America’s Highest Gym

             This blog is a decade old. The name, Swole at Every Height, was not created to foreshadow the eventual opening of my new gym located in Alma, Colorado. However, that is how things fell into place – and I couldn’t be happier.

Grand opening. Friends. Family. Fitness.

Located at 10,361 feet elevation, Alma’s Gym is two hours outside of Denver, high in the Rocky Mountains. The town of Alma is the highest elevation town in North America. I’ve called it home for the last six years. Though the winters can be harsh, there is an undeniable kind of beauty that comes with a hundred and fifty inches of snow every year. The summers, well, they are incredible. The mountain air is fresh and crisp in the morning. It smells of pine and sweet aspens. Whether skiing, hiking, or mountain biking, the Rockies provide exhilaration and near asphyxiation – especially in Alma.

That is where you will find my gym. A place where locals can get stronger and develop their bodies for whatever activity they live here for. I’ve not met one neighbor who doesn’t have an outdoor hobby. It is why we live up here. Why I like living up here too, I think. People are active here. It is necessary to live. If, at the very least just chopping wood and shoveling snow, then to get out and fish, hunt, hike, camp, ski, bike, run, climb… and now lift.

Strong locals making a strong community.

North America’s Highest Gym is now a month old and doing better than I imagined. Not only are locals signing up and getting fit, but so too are many of the tourists who come here for any number of outdoors activities. They see the sign “North America’s Highest Gym” and recognize the inherent challenge of it. Do I have what it takes?

They do. And so do you.

We have an oxygen lounge for those who need it…

I am excited for the future. Both my own and for my neighbors too. We are all in this together, so why not build strength, endurance, and our bodies together, so that we may thrive for longer and achieve more in this intense yet wonderful place we call home. Then, as word spreads, more from around the world will come for the experience of training in such a place. As time has seen fit, we may all become swole at every height.

God willing, Alma’s Gym will become the greatest gym you can lift at.