Saturday, July 20, 2013

Movements and Swimming Pools

Imagine if you will, a movement- let’s say the squat.  Now, imagine a swimming pool; clean and refreshing.


Your movements are a swimming pool.

Your reps are gallons of water.

You have your pool and it is empty. It exists there as the knowledge of its existence. But you must fill it. You fill it with reps; technically sound reps are clean water. Reps done poorly are dirty water. Should you decide to start polluting your pool too soon the water will become murky and unpleasant.

Would you want to swim in a dirty pool?

Would you want to practice a movement that you no longer enjoy?

Start filling your pool with dirty water too soon and it is quick to become unclean. Once it is unclean, it is much harder to tap into a clean water source. Once it is unpleasant to swim in you no longer want to go swimming in it.

But should you fill it first with clean water, how dirty would it appear should you decide to pour in a gallon of muddy water? It would be unnoticed. It would be as if it occurred and then dissipated into nothingness.

It would be diluted by the vast quantity of clean water filling your swimming pool.

And you would still want to swim.

You would still squat.

And all the gallons you fill it with would make it grow from an inflatable children’s pool to an Olympic one.

But you will never fill an Olympic size pool should you decide to tap into unclean resources too soon. Yet, once you have it, you can afford a few gallons of murky water.

And still want to swim in your swimming pool.