Friday, April 4, 2014

Uncovering the Soviet Strength Ruse

For decades now lifters around the world have been led to believe that Soviet training methods are superior.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m going to make it known that all this socialist strength science has been created and distributed as misinformation in an attempt to undermine the abilities of non-Russian lifters everywhere.

Below lists the reasons why I believe this to be true:

1. Is it logical that USSR sports scientists studied lifters, collected data, and created “superior” training methods then released their findings to the world? All the while their efforts were completely funded by their government? Of course not! It is highly unlikely that these socialists in the middle of a Cold War with the U.S. would spend all this money and energy on their athletes in the course of dominating us in the Olympics, only to share it with us.

This would be like if the United States had just one day decided to fly an SR-71 Blackbird over to Moscow and land it in the Red Square with a big red bow on it and a happy birthday card.

Do you honestly believe that there was such a thing as peer reviewed research in Soviet Russia? No, there wasn’t. It is all a crazy amount of propaganda that was created to make western society begin to overanalyze their training programs. This over analysis resulted in them going nowhere. Paralysis by analysis. Meanwhile the eastern block communists got stronger by the day. We on the other hand started gluing electrodes to our nipples in the hopes it would stimulate more muscle fibers- or some crazy shit. 

They never held any studies. There was never any Prelepin and he never found any optimal ranges for anything. He was a made up character in what I’m calling The Cold War of Strength. It is a war the U.S. doesn’t even know it’s losing.

2. Ever since western countries have adopted the so-called “Eastern Block” training methods our performance in weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman has dwindled. Between 1990 and 2005 the United States didn’t have a single athlete place in the top three at the Worlds Strongest Man. Since 2005 the U.S. has had 10 athletes place, but many of them are repeats, like Brian Shaw. Who for all intents and purposes is a genetic freak with training methods that matter less than what t-shirt he wears to an all you can eat buffet.

It is Mariusz Pudzianowski from Poland who has the most championships at five, next behind him from “the western countries” is Bill Kazmaier whose winnings are at three. Way back from ’80-’82; early on during the siege of  Soviet strength hype.  Sure Iceland has some very strong showings but when you have to fight ice giants just to escape your hellhole country you’re going to end up strong regardless.

What about weightlifting records? Well, turns out they’re all held by current or former communist or socialist countries. Countries who I theorize were never sieged with the Soviet misinformation which polluted their best coaches mind’s and athlete’s bodies. These now thriving countries are where they are now because the USSR never conducted this psychological warfare in their gyms, like it did the U.S. specifically.   

You don't want your balls in the hands of Vladimir Putin do you? 

3. Only in the last couple of years has the U.S. taken the lead in the sport of powerlifting. At least, outside of the International Powerlifting League, which again, is largely dominated by Eastern Block countries that were never subjected to the Soviet training misinformation distribution.

However, I have reason to believe that many of these “U.S. lifters” are acting as double agents. These lifters are pretending to use training methods supposedly akin to the Soviet training models only to misguide the larger population as a whole. These guys train in secret with the real Soviet methods but in public claim to be following one of the more “traditional” models founded on the science of Smolov, Shieko, and other coconspirators.  

Even their shaker cups are bigger than ours.

Now, this might result in many threats of my life, but I’m willing to put myself out there and name some of these double agents. These are lifters who I believe to part of the inner circle of Soviet Union who play a pivotal role in keeping the rest of the world weak. Their main role is to become as strong as possible while claiming to follow one way, when in fact their programming is Top Secret and likely sent to them in cypher radio transmissions across many unknown repeater stations from around the world.

Double Agents as follows:

Brandon Lilly, creator of the infamous Cube Method. This method is tried and true by many thousands of lifters across the world. These many thousands, if not millions of cult-like followers are all unfortunately being driven down the wrong road. They will never get as strong as Agent Lilly as he doesn’t follow the Cube Method. His classified programming is received via a series of immigrant couriers around the U.S., each of which carries only one number. Agent Lilly then listens in to a secret radio frequency for assembly instructions and then continues his training.  Below are some pretty compelling photographs, which prove his affiliation with the USSR.

His recent knee injuries I feel were staged as a diversion. His disguise was likely crumbling faster than the Soviet authorities liked, so they pulled the plug on him for the time being. However, it is only a matter of time until he comes back stronger and more influential in the misdirection of the U.S. strength athletic community.

See the resemblance between the two?
The proof is in the beard and the t-shirt...
which is a pretty obvious marker of a Double Agent. 

Louie Simmons, creator of the Westside Conjugate training method. Nearly every interview or article this man is in, or writes, is littered with references to lifters in the Soviet Union supposedly doing this or that to get strong. From a piece he wrote, In the early 1970s, the Dynamo Club inthe Soviet Union had 70 highly skilled Olympic lifters.”

Oh did they? And how would he know that other than by going there, and training with them, and becoming educated with the propaganda tactics of the USSR. Whether or not he is knowingly a double agent, or simply brain washed to believe in earnest the Soviet’s lies, I’m not sure. It is unmistakable that his Westside training methods largely influenced powerlifting through the 1990’s and early 2000’s yet produced no one the caliber of Andrey Malanichev or Konstantin Konstantinov. Why? Because like Agent Lilly they’re training with the true methods of the Soviet Union.

This is a photo of Agent Simmons leaving 
a hotel in Moscow after a top secret meeting
with Soviet officials regarding the popularization
of false "Russian" training methods in the U.S.

Ben Rice, the nice guy on YouTube who trains using “Shieko” and somehow has blown out of the water every other lifter who reports to use the same training method. Sure, Agent Rice might get his training methods directly from Boris Shieko so he may not be a liar but I assure you they are far different than what everyone else has access to.

The Lilliebridge family, their name is so close to Agent Lilly’s that it would be impossible to not see the irrefutable connection. Dan Green and Chad Wesley Smith, two other coconspirators known to be in communication with Agent Lilly. In fact, I have reason to believe the entire Juggernaut Strength crew, and possibly Animal, is affiliated with this Soviet strength propaganda machine. I mean, “Juggernaut” sounds a lot like  “cosmonaut” which is what the Russians sent to space to spy on American moon landings. These guys were just sent to spy on our strength and conditioning operations.

The Lilliebridges all wearing red, 
the color of their motherland. 

Jamie Lewis, a world record holding 181 lb. lifter has been known to travel the globe and if my information is correct, has a degree in Asian Studies. Russia is in Asia, he’s clearly a double agent as well. Except his training methods are so off the wall and insane many reading this would point to him as a non-Soviet. But that’s exactly what they want you to believe. Jamie Lewis is attempting to destroy lifters who stray the path of Prelepin, Verkhoshansky, and company.

Let us not forget Mike Tuchscherer, whose name is also uncannily Russian sounding, but more compelling is the argument that his Reactive Training Systems is founded upon science. What science? Soviet “science?” Exactly.

Agent Tuchscherer lifting Eleiko weights.
Which you guessed it, are Russian. 

These double agents are against you. They may walk you down the path towards greater strength, but it is a path that ends prematurely. They will only take you so far, and it will never be as far as the Soviets will allow.

Vasily Alekseyev, probably one of the greatest weightlifters of all time said in a tell all interview that he never once had a “coach.” It was his position that if he was stronger than someone, why should he listen to them? Besides spending time in jail and lifting nothing but railroad tracks he still became a legendary lifter.  This was all before the Soviet Union began its Cold War of Strength against us. And I believe it was his perseverance and success that led the USSR to begin its misinformation machine. They saw what one man could do, even if it was their own man, if left to his own devices.

And they weren’t about to let any American discover his secret. So what did they do? They fed us some bullshit “science” and we bought off on it, hard. And we have never recovered since.

Our only hope is to forego “common knowledge” about strength training. Throw out all modern “science” and wipe clean your mind from anything that has ever been referenced as Soviet, Russian, or Eastern Block.  We must, as civilized lifters, revolt against the strength propaganda that we have been led to believe. It is the only way. Forget what “science” has told you and just go out and get strong.

Because science starts with “s” and so does Soviet.

Read the second installment here.


  1. Beginning to the think that GZCL maybe a code-name granted by the KGB and you yourself are in the midst of your Communist infiltration. Red shoes/Red Scare?

    1. "GZCL" and the red shoes are just a way for me to blend in. They're code names and disguises for my own protection.

  2. I do have an unnatural love for the Soviet national anthem...

    1. I fucking knew it. Communist mother fucker.

    2. So if all of this is fake the only method to follow would be ur GZCL METHOD?

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