Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sky Out. Thighs Out. Man Edition.

Many of you last year read my post about wearing tank tops.  I'm now very close to coming to terms with my swole while wearing a tank top. I'm fairly confident going out in town and going to the beach while wearing tanks- going to the gym, not so much. In time though.

I however, have moved on to the next frontier of being swole and wearing "revealing" clothing.

I'm talking shorts.

I'm talking short shorts. 

And I've taken this effort to the forefront. I'm wearing short shorts to the gym. I'm wearing them while instructing others. While going to the beach. Sure I take some heat. But most of it is in good nature. Things said like,

"If you weren't you then I'd be talking shit" (paraphrased)

This is nice to me- which is awesome. It's acknowledging my awesomeness, yet is also a backhanded compliment. But it doesn't recognize the inherent greatness that exists below the hem on other men's booty shorts. I've also experienced some cat calling (both female and male), disgusted gazes, and general uneasiness around the gym. But those looks of, "Who the hell is this manlet and why is he wearing booty shorts?" quickly disappear once I start pulling 405 double overhand... and then 500, for almost two.

How about when I snatch 80% of my bodyweight the first day I ever tried.

And just for more fun, some alone time in the gym, with my short shorts.

Why? Just because I'm a sole MAN I'm not allowed to experience the breathability and comfort that is short shorts? I'm done dealing with the binding and looseness that embodies baggy clothing that is promoted by current mens athletic fashion. Let me get this straight? I'm supposed to wear sweat pants and a hoodie every time I go train?

Because my swole is offensive?

Get out of here.

If you don't like looking at my 24" thighs you could go elsewhere. I'm too busy training to give a crap about your bigoted and swole hating opinion anyways.


  1. Cody you need more tree trunks, I shall give you some of my 29" tree trunks, since I can no longer wear most of my shorts or pants haha just kidding bro. But i do dig your movement, if i could tan and not die of skin cancer I would join you in the revolution dare I say.

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