Friday, March 29, 2013

Unboxing SAEH Feeding

Lately, the thought of SAEH-type refueling, aka feeding, has been on my mind.

Feeding for Swole at Every Height is elegant in its plainness; so elegant in fact that we swole-types are often frightened by it. (Being the simple minded grunting oafs that we are. Just kidding, sarcasm, stereotypes, etc.)  Essentially, Feeding SAEH is a deadlift:

-       You pick up the food.
-       You put it down your throat.
-       Repeat until calories and macros are met.

It really as simple as that. Honestly though, this style of feeding is a concept I’ve been developing for the last two years or so- basically since I started to think about competing. The thing is, food carries with it substantial emotional connections. The emotions build, much like your muscle tissue, when you’re cutting and bulking- and then it’s difficult to determine whether or not your meal plan and timing is on track! Look, we’ve all got a gazillion little Ronnies and Arnolds doing HIIT in our heads screaming about our diets. 

“That gallon of cottage cheese ain’t nuttin but a peanut!”
“Get to da refrigerator!”

This really gets you questioning, can you hold down another chicken breast or dozen eggs? Or will those calories come back up, and spill onto the floor, resulting in dollars and precious calories wasted during a bulk. Or, will you cave into your hunger on a cut? Will your wife’s cookie dough in the freezer really damage your cut and make you a disgusting slob come beach season? Understand what I’m talking about? This stuff is arduous!

When you feel the devil’s pitchfork in your guts and you’re unsure as to whether or not your cut is that important, or, when you feel those 12 course dinners come raising to the top of your throat tube- your ability to stay the course may sway. Swole brothers and sisters, HOLD! You have the resolve to beat back the demons of hunger while cutting and to bury deep that bonus serving of tilapia and chocolate milk.  Your body thinks it knows when it needs carbs, but you know better. When every day is a cheat day because you’ve “earned it”- that’s when Eating for Swole at Every Height gets muddled.

As a strong, confident, and determined swole man or woman you know what you have to eat; how many calories, how much carbs, fat, and protein. Your next obstacle is how to partition those up into a macro breakdown that will yield the results desired. Chris Colucci says, “If it’s green or had/would’ve had a face, eat it!” while others partake to Zone, Paleo, or Atkins style eating. The thing is, find what you can do consistently for a long enough period of time to achieve the results you desire. Years of feeding incorrectly, whether through misinformation or ignorance, has led you to the point where you’ve got to stick with a plan and not obsess about the small stuff. Personally I’ve got a short motto that defines how I use my body’s hunger signals, it goes something like this:

Cutting- Always be hungry.
Bulking- Never be hungry.
It really is that simple.

Should any of my readers have a question about Feeding for SAEH, feel free to comment below, message me on reddit, email me directly- either way I’ll do my best to answer it. And yes, even though it’s Feeding for Swole at Every Height and I happen to be a near-midget anyone of any height can eat in a way that fits their caloric and macronutrient needs. 

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