Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Cuts Continue

Still cutting weight for my upcoming powerlifting meet.

Down from a swole 175 to a seriously less swole and much leaner 160 in the last month and a half or so. A large portion of that I credit to creatine cessation.

Not only am I cutting in that meaning of the word, but I am also being cut by other's words.

"What gym do you go to?" Asked the old retired veteran at the bank.

No hello. No greeting of any sort. Just turned around and blurted it out.

"Uh, the West Gym... sir."

"It's surely working for you. It's a nice gym." He replied. Implying that it is they gym that does the work. Not me.

"Haha, I guess sir."

Insecure laughter and a moment of introspection wrapping up the conversation.

Is it the gym that does the work? Do I just show up, see what's available and choose how it will work me? Or is it I who works the iron? Do I show up, see what's available and choose how I will use it? 

Does the iron smith me or am I the iron smith? 

Surely it must be the latter; for it is through my efforts, my knowledge, my dedication, and my perseverance which generates this swole. People too quickly dismiss the efforts of others. They see great results; whether it be bodybuilding, painting, music, or writing, and say,

"Yeah that's some great work, but they could only do it because they had the tools available. If they didn't have those tools. They wouldn't be where they are today."

Of course if a person had no brushes or paints they wouldn't end up a great painter.

A person without a camera will never become a great photographer.

However, just because we have removed the tools doesn't mean we've removed the drive. I believe, that a person who is great in one thing could easily be great in another. Because it is the tools they chose to master which has given their greatness in that specific field. Replace that tool with another and they would have ended up just as great in something else. For it is not the tool which makes a person great, it is their efforts.

The tools are only a method to their greatness.

Just a few days ago while at work a man spoke a few interesting words to me.

"You work out?" Asked the older, leather skinned man in tattered rags.

"Yes I do sir." In response.

"Yeah me too. I'm stronger than a lot of people my age. I workout with black guys though. They're not any fair. They can just look at the weight and muscle grows."

"Oh, yeah... that's good you're so strong sir." I replied in haste. Hoping him to leave my general vicinity just as quickly. That wasn't the case.

"Yeah, I workout four or five times a week..."

He went on for about five minutes how he lifts weights. I kinda tuned him out after that "black guys" comment. Is it really that easy for people to dismiss the efforts of others? "It's the equipment. It's their genetics." If it's not one thing it is another.

I think this points to a weakness in our character. Something inside the human mind. A process by which we justify our existence by demeaning another's; while also at the same time subconsciously acknowledging what mediocre life we have scratched from this earth for ourselves.

These types of people, these dismissers as I'll call them, will never fulfill their potential because their too busy occupying their minds with what others have done and how others have it easier than them. They don't understand dedication, they don't understand the frustrating struggle the greats have made in their own personal quagmires.

They don't understand greatness.

Are you a dismisser? Do you read this blog and say, "Ah, GZCL is only as strong as he is because he has access to great equipment."

"He has time for that."

"He's a manlet."

What about other people in your life. Do you dismiss their hard work? Take a look around. Look at those around you who will be great and say to them,

"I admire your dedication. It's awesome."

Everyone doubts their efforts sometimes. Even the greats. Surely your compliment may aid one of them and in their greatness they may come back to you to say,

"Thank you."

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  1. I just discovered your blog today and am slowly catching up on the posts. Please continue writing. These are excellent.

    --transition material--

    I do not recall the origin, but I heard once that there are three types of leaders: some lead by cutting others down, some do their own things and others follow, and some lead by building themselves and others up. Too many people do the first since it is easiest. We'd be much better off if everyone strove for the other methods.