Monday, August 20, 2012

Swole Log 4: GZCL Program results.

After eight weeks of doing the program I designed, detailed here, I've decided it would be a good idea to post the results of my labor. 

Now the tl;dr of this program is that it is squat centric. I put my deadlift of the back burner. Ok, I put my deadlift on my neighbor's back burner, for that is how infrequently I did it. However, to say that it is only squat centric would be silly, as any individual can modify it to where the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday sessions are bench press, or over head press; with Tuesday and Thursday being squat and deadlift. 

I'm not sure how it would work out doing this program 3x per week with deadlifts though. That may result in some serious snapping shit up in your back.

Now for the meat of the the blog. My results. 

My best squat prior was 390. Here's my new max of 415. 

My old PR on bench was 290. However I haven't even come close to that number since. This is due to some serious elbow pain I have had; which I believe was cause by a shitty squat grip. Here's what I consider my new max, which as a slight pause (something that 290 definitely didn't have.) 


My best overhead press was 180. I now have 185. 

As for the deadlift... yeah, about that. It's not as good as my best performance of 500x2. But I did get a 495 sumo pull. I don't have a video but I assure you it was a grinder. I'm not happy with it, but I'll accept it since I hadn't deadlifted more than 365 for just a few reps for about 10 weeks total of training. It's not as great, but it's acceptable. 

I also followed those sumo pulls with some conventional ones and worked up to a 420x2. Also not bad for rarely pulling. 

So how do I rate this program?

Awesome. That's how I rate it. I rate it an eleventeen out of ten. I loved squatting 3x per week and the way I was pressing worked excellent. My elbows are no longer hurting when I press and my lifts that weren't the main focus of effort, pressing and deadlifting, stayed around the same neck of the woods they were in, if not going up just a bit. 

Just for fun, some other nonsense I did during the last eight weeks.

So even though I was squatting for no more than three reps for my main work sets on most days, it is clear that didn't hinder my ability to go 90% Blenderate in the squat rack. 

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  1. This is good, and you should feel good. May Brodin sweat upon you.