Thursday, August 9, 2012

Living Swole

Recently a member of the Swole Acceptance online community, by the name of El_Jimmer made these bad boys: 

Putting that on got me thinking. What does it mean to Live Swole?

I believe that living swole is more about developing yourself, as a whole unit; mind, body, and spirit,  than simply just building muscle and developing strength.

Being swole is a statement. You build your body in a way so that it is noticed, and sure sometimes bad things happen from this attention; but if you're living swole you possess the strength, both physical and mental, to persevere. Only by trudging the hard path will you become hard.

In your victories people will be inspired. Maybe they will also choose to Live Swole.

The greatest reason to Live Swole is that maybe because of your size or your confident attitude someone will approach you, and using your swole mind which you've developed just as well as your traps, you could engage them in excellent conversation. Thereby challenging the stigma that the swole are with brawn but without brain.

I'm wearing this to proclaim my lifestyle choice for the whole world to see. That I am a swole man, living my life's dream, and I'm proud of it.

If you would like to purchase yourself a Live Swole bracelet you can contact El_Jimmer at

Stay Strong. Live Swole. 

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