Saturday, August 25, 2012

Am I Hypersensitive or are You Just Weak Privileged?

A few days ago we had some friends over to our house for dinner, followed up with some smores for dessert. I'm carb backloading. Don't judge my diet. After all the eating some pleasant conversation started up. First talking about politics, the economy, then social issues; when I brought up some challenges I face as a swole person. 

This is where the conversation veered left into oncoming traffic and collided with an 18 wheeler hauling an M1 Abrams Tank, and so quickly vanished onlookers would question whether or not it ever existed.

I spoke about Swole Acceptance. I brought up how the swole are faced with many transgressions; stereotypes, objectification, and swolestation to name a few. That's when one of our female guests stopped me, looked into my eyes and said vehemently,

"So you're trying to tell me that because you have muscles you now have just as hard a life as I do being a woman?"  

I responded with,

"When was the last time a stranger in public looked you up and down then demanded that you remove your shirt so he can see your breasts?"

Proud in her retort, she exclaimed, "NEVER!" 

"Exactly." Was all I said. 

Her gazed looked inward for a few moments and I saw her shame. They left soon afterwards. 


  1. You're an amazing inspiration man. How tall are you?

    1. Thanks, man! I greatly appreciate the kind words and am glad I inspire you! BTW, I'm about 5 foot 6 inches.

  2. Real life swole hate.