Monday, July 30, 2012

Suns Out Guns Out... and So is the Prejudice

So it's summer time and as the old saying goes, "Suns out guns out." This time of the year is great. Warm weather. Cold beer. Beautiful people all out and about enjoying themselves in the vitamin d rich sunlight. The time of year when it's acceptable to wear sleeveless shirts, khaki shorts, and flip flops.

That is... unless you're swole.

I've noticed that since I've come into my swolehood; manifesting physically what I had already felt emotionally about myself, that I can no longer feel comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts in public. I know what you're all saying.

"But GZCL! Love the swole you're in! Be proud of your swole!"

Trust me fellow swoldiers, I try. I really do try and feel comfortable while wearing tank tops around town but it just doesn't happen. Before my swoleness was fully realized I had no problem sporting around tank tops and other sleeveless varieties. Now that I'm swole it's a completely different story. Everywhere I go the judgement torments me. The hateful eyes of the weak privileged males staring at me with contempt as I try and go about my grocery shopping in peace. I can feel the penetrating stares of women as their feminine gaze meets mine and for a second their dreams are read as easily as a book.

Their dreams are disgusting. They are my nightmares.

Every time I feel courageous enough to venture into the wild sleevelessly the first human encounter always makes me regret the decision. I suppose I just can't handle the judgement.

"Look at this meathead trying to show off."

"I had bigger arms than that."

"He's not even that  big."

I hear all those things when I see the looks in strangers eyes and I cannot bear it any longer. I also have one thing to admit to all my readers, all my swole brothers and sisters, and to the future swole-citizens of the world.

I haven't even worn a tank top to the gym...


Yes, I know I seem like a strong individual. A person who can take the Swole Acceptance movement upon his developed shoulders and carry it into the spotlight for all to see our pain. But I cannot. I am but a man. A swole man. But still only a man who feels the judgement passed to him for simply wanting to be comfortable in the summer time.

Warm weather.

Cold beer.




  1. This really struck a chord with me. This post put what i have often felt, but could never manage to properly articulate, into clear, cogent words.

    Also, thank you for writing up your programming, it was a very interesting read.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog man! I really appreciate your time. If you ever have any training related questions let me know!