Monday, June 25, 2012

Weak Privilege and How it Imprisons the Swole

Recently I came across this blog detailing "Thin Privilege" and I couldn't help but think how we as swole individuals are affected by the very same (or similar) issues but with weak people. Allow me to detail these issues.

Weak privilege is going to a doctor and actually being treated for whatever ails you; not being interrogated about what kind of steroids you're taking and being detailed with the supposed negative side effects of these drugs. None the less, this coming from an over-fat doctor who has never been swole and doesn't understand that some people suffer from severe pro-swole genetics.

Weak privilege means you're not going to be lectured about how squats will ruin your knees and deadlifting will hurt your back. Then being told that somehow these two exercises contributed to you coming down with pneumonia and they are why you are in there; drowning in your own body fluids.

Must be all the creatine.

Speaking of which, as a weak person your doctor wont fear that you suffer from "roid rage" and wont be shaking in a cold fear induced sweat the entire time you're there. Literally dying on his hospital bed. No. He wont understand that you've always been angry, and this stems from some childhood bullying. Of course not.

It must be all creatine steroids.

Taking a line from the linked blogs author, "You will never be denied a diagnosis because you cannot fit inside of the testing equipment."

That literally can be applied to swole people too. That's Derek Poundstone. He's 6'1" and "morbidly obese." He has a BMI of 45. Yes. This friendly neighborhood police officer. A protector of the people. A servant of the community... cannot fit inside most medical equipment and is turned away for medical care because of his swole. Sad and disgusting. 

As a swole person your doctor will either be too afraid to touch you or too inclined to touch unnecessarily; "weak privilege" means those weak persons wont have to ever deal with that. Swole people wont be touched out of fear. Swole people will be fondled excessively. 

"Doctor, I'm in here for a broken leg. Why are you squeezing my biceps?"

"Oh, well... uh, I'm just checking to make sure the blood pressure cuff will fit around your arm. Nurse, we need an XXXXL cuff." 

Sorry, but that really pisses me off. We're not here for your amusement. Please don't laugh. Please just provide a service I'm paying you for. Otherwise, pay me for being the sideshow freak you've just made me into. 

Weak privilege means you wont ever hear, "OMG Becky, look at his arms! What a hunk!" What do you mean hunk? A hunk of meat? For you to stare at? A target for your ridicule?

As a weak person, weak privilege hurts you too. A doctor will see your weakness, think it's normal (because it is), and fail to assess what kind of negative side effects your weakness has given you. You'll walk away as a "normal" person without being treated for your ailment. 

Weak privilege hurts everyone because it forces everyone to be weak, or become weaker. 

Who will move your heavy furniture now?  Who will open your jars? Nobody, that's who. 


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    1. He really is. I consider him a founding father of swole and could really help move the swole acceptance movement forward.

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