Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Hey bro! Why you look'n all big?!"

The actual words which were spewed from a black Mercedes containing two tattooed middle aged men and a young boy. 

"Hey bro! Why you look'n all big?! You on them steroids?!"

To which I nervously replied, "Haha, uh... no, just creatine." 

They then proceded to laugh in my face as I hurriedly walked to my car in shame and self disgust. As I was making my way the young boy said, 

"He's Captain America!!!"

The worst part about all of it is that this young boy already believes that in order to be swole you have to be using some type of drug or have undergone some sort of secret swole-surgery or radiation therapy. I wish he knew the truth, that this is just who I am naturally. Some people are swole. Some are not. Both are human.

Yeah kid... I'm Captain "enhanced by an experimental serum" America. 

I've never been so hurt by a child. 

One of us has clearly been enhanced by experimental serum.