Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Introduction to Swole at Every Height

Welcome to Swole at Every Height.

This blog exists as a safe haven for all people who feel persecuted by our conformist society; which forcefully exerts social pressure among its population. Pressuring everyone to be a certain size. Well I'm here to tell you that regardless of how tall you are, you have the right to pursue gaining size and strength without suffering from bullying or negative criticism. Whether you're four or seven feet tall you should feel comfortable in your desires to expand horizontally since your genetic potential has limited you so unfairly vertically.

Just because you're 6'7" and 120 pounds soaking wet doesn't mean you are a star basketball player, or that you should become one. Similarly if you are 5'2" it doesn't mean you're great at getting things off the bottom shelves nor does it mean you'll be great at conquering most of Europe and lead an empire during the early 19th century. Your  height  was predetermined, not your career. Stop letting society force you into life choices based upon height. Along those same lines, with your height being predetermined, remember the amount of swole you have was not. Stop letting society tell you things like, "You're naturally skinny." Or, "Oh, you're just kind of naturally stocky." My personal favorite, "Your somatotype dictates your body composition."

Stop believing those lies. Your effort determines the amount of muscle you have or the physical strength you possess.

So go forth, and be swole at every height. Be fearless and confident in your quest to build a chest circumference greater than your height. Don't let anybody tell you that being swole at your size isn't healthy. They're ignorant and trying to shape you into what our modern culture dictates as "beautiful."

Do you know what is really beautiful? A person happily fulfilling their  dreams of maximum swole.

                                                Only toddler in the longterm goal of swole.

Post your personal stories in the comments section. This is a support community for anyone who have suffered from swole-hate.


  1. God bless you sir. Please continue to provide content.

  2. I love this....I know the fear of swole too well....and as a woman! Keep em coming, very entertaining.

  3. Now this... this is a beautiful blog.